Terms & Conditions



Project mobilization advance - 50%
After project completion* - 50%
*Source files will be delivered after clearing of final payment.


To ensure prompt project delivery, we emphasize that the client thinks deep before providing us the brief and sticks to the scope once it’s finalized. Once the scope is locked, a scope statement will be signed off by all the stakeholders including the project manager, account Manager or anyone handling the project from our side, the client or its representatives and others. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page with regards to what the deliverables are going to be and the relevant associated information. Deviating from the brief/scope of work will result in additional costs that the client will have to bear and missing deadlines. If the client completely changes the initial brief after we’ve worked on the design that was approved by the client, then we’ll treat this as a new project and will be billed separately. The costs mentioned are provisional as they are based on our assumptions about the design solution and can change with any modifications requested by the client in the scope of work.


If the client doesn’t respond for 1 weeks after the initial mockups have been delivered or after the allowed revisions have been made or goes beyond the initially decided delivery time due to client’s late response, then BrandConfer will reserve the right to put the project on hold. When the client returns and requests to resume work, we will


We will begin work one working day after the project kick-off payment has been received. Cost quotes are exclusive of 5% VAT. All original content (text & images) and the pertinent branding elements are must be provided by the Client and/or its Agency. work on revised rates to compensate for the opportunity costs.


The client should make sure that he has complete information to share with us before work on revisions begin. This will help us get the job completed within the allowed revision cycles and avoid delays & increase in costs that can incur if accurate information about the required change is not furnished by the client. After reviewing the amount of work required to incorporate the changes we will inform the client when the revisions will be delivered.Once the client has availed all the allowed number of revisions, any additional revisions requested by the client will be delivered for an extra $30/hr. If the client wants us to edit the files after the project is completed and delivered, then we’ll charge $30/hr or a mutually agreed cost, whichever is applicable. There will only one revision allowed for complementary add-ons (purchase order, company stamp, envelope, letterhead, business card, invoice, quotations, etc.). Revision means modification of color, font & contact details. Major revisions mean completely changing the design of the complementary add-on.


In case the client requests a refund, then we will deduct the following charges from the amount paid by the client: o The effort made by our team to work on the project o Any taxes applicable In case the job delivered by BrandConfer is not according to mutually accepted standards and expectations that were based on benchmarks shared, then the management at BrandConfer will review the case to ensure the rights of both the client and BrandConfer are safeguarded and that the decision is mutually acceptable.

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